”From my first day as Governor,

I have pushed for economic

growth, worked to create new jobs,

supported location communities

and advanced technology.

Those efforts are paying off.”

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Why Matt Mead

As Wyoming’s 32nd Governor, Matt Mead has worked to strengthen
Wyoming’s economy and create opportunities for its citizens.
Among his key accomplishments are:

  • Defending our energy, mineral, agricultural and recreational industries against expanded federal regulations.
  • Successfully working to diversify the state’s economic base by enhancing Wyoming’s reputation as a home for data centers, tech-related businesses and other companies
  • Working to keep Wyoming water in the state
  • Developing an energy strategy that strikes a balance between development and protection of our beautiful outdoors
  • Increasing access to high-speed internet across the state
  • Implementing an innovative, conservative state budget that invests in Wyoming’s cities, towns and counties


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