Matt is an innovative, forward-looking leader. This is the right leader for right now and for Wyoming’s future.

Matthew Hansen Mead, 47, was born in Teton County, Wyoming. He was raised on the family ranch in a rural, small town environment. Matt is a conservative Republican with traditional western values. Matt, Carol, his wife of 18 years, and their children Mary (11) and Pete (10) live in Cheyenne.

Rancher: Matt’s great-grandparents homesteaded in Zenith, Wyoming, and his family still ranches in that area. Matt and Carol own and operate a ranching and farming business in Albany County and Goshen County. Matt is a 4th generation Wyoming rancher.

Law Career: Matt received his law degree from the University of Wyoming in 1987. In his 20-year legal career, Matt served as a prosecutor for Campbell County, an Assistant U.S. Attorney, and a Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Wyoming. He was also a partner in a private firm in Cheyenne for five years.

Executive Experience:   From 2001-2007, Matt served as U. S. Attorney for Wyoming.  He was recommended by Senator Craig Thomas, chosen by President George W. Bush, and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  Matt’s years of service as U.S. Attorney, running three offices, making the tough decisions regarding life and liberty, required the highest level of executive service and expertise.  As U.S. Attorney, Matt served on the U.S. Attorney General’s Anti-terrorism Task Force, chaired a multi-state unit focusing on illicit drug trafficking, testified before the U.S. Senate committee on his successful initiatives for Native American drug enforcement, and was instrumental in protecting Wyoming children from exploitation through his implementation of Project Safe Childhood in Wyoming.  Matt has years of hands on executive leadership with proven results.

Small business owner with experience creating jobs: Since Matt stepped down as U.S. Attorney in June 2007, he and Carol have devoted themselves full-time to their small farming/ranching business in southeast Wyoming. Matt serves on the Board of Directors for the Wyoming Business Council and also on the Board of Directors of Wyoming Bank and Trust.