My Vision for Wyoming:

I am concerned, as you are, about the future for our children, for our families, and for Wyoming. I want the direction for Wyoming to be forward — not backward, not stand still – and as Governor I will move our State forward. I am asking for your support to be Wyoming’s next Governor and for your vote.

There are numerous issues that demand attention. We are fortunate to live where we do. But we must move forward – plan and set goals so that we and our children can always say we are fortunate to live in Wyoming. We need to create more jobs. We need to jump-start our economy.

Wyoming is the only state that is a major producer, and has world-class reserves, of every energy mineral. We need a comprehensive policy for their optimal development. We have water resources that are left unused and thus unprotected. Wyoming’s agricultural products are internationally recognized for their quality. Our ability to produce them must be protected and enhanced.

We have work to do in the areas of improving the quality of life for Wyoming families and communities, providing the best education possible for our children, protecting gun rights, our state’s rights and private property rights, improving technology, and maintaining our transportation infrastructure. These issues are important to Wyoming’s future. It’s not about vague ideas or notions that have been “tested” or “polled” — it’s about core issues that have to be addressed at the state level, in our counties, in our towns, and around our kitchen table.

Here is what I see for Wyoming’s future, issue by issue.