Enhance technology and connectivity
• Promote high-tech industry
• Encourage telemedicine

Wyoming must be a place that wherever you choose to live, you can conduct your business and have access to the best information, goods and services. This means we have to improve technology and connectivity around the State — because it is important for every person, every business and every place to have high speed internet access, not just the bigger towns.

With improved technology and connectivity, our State can recruit data centers and develop telecommuting job opportunities and distance learning opportunities for children living in the more remote places. Every home, business and school in Wyoming should have affordable high speed internet available.

Technology can help us address our healthcare needs. While we are dealing with the difficulty of finding doctors, nurses and pharmacists for rural areas, we need to look to telemedicine. We should also work to develop a good electronic medical records system to trim costs and improve care.

The state government can set an example for the rest of Wyoming in terms of technology. As Governor, I will work to encourage video and teleconferencing, updates to the state’s email systems and upgrades of computer systems to increase efficiency.

I will see that our State has the technology and connectivity we need to make our State as business-ready as possible and to allow the personal freedom to live and work wherever any of us choose. Wyoming wired now means we lead not follow.