Listening to the music online in the best legal way

Music is one of the best things available to mankind. It has the properties to relax one’s mind and soul. Some people even consider that without music there life would just be nothing and they cannot move forward without their favourite music. Music industry is nothing new but the changes in this industry are significant. It all started from those big disks for which you had to buy a huge apparatus in order to enjoy your favourite songs. Then things started to change and small CDs were made available and they were named as the compact disks. In all those times copywriting was the main thing that made the music availability scarce. Singers used to release their albums and there was no concept of throwing them free to public. But now, things are totally different, you can listen to almost any song free of cost by just consuming a small portion of your internet data. There are two main reasons why singers are now not concerned about the copyright laws to that extent as they were concerned before.

Why copyrighting is not a big issue now?

It does not mean that songs are not copyrighted now, they are still protected with copyright laws but singers have given certain permissions to use and enjoy the song especially for the personal use. There are two main reasons for this change, namely:

  1. Competition in the music industry has gone crazy and now singers are in a more struggle to sell themselves. In simple words demand is less than the supply and that is why singers are happy to release their songs on internet so they might get famous.
  2. It was become extremely difficult to restrain people from getting music free, so in spite of making the laws strict it was more convenient to change the methods of earning through music. It does not mean that singers are not earning now, they are still earning a lot but the mode of earning is changed, i.e. through internet.

Best ways to get the music free to listen

There is no single best way to listen to your favourite music. There are many ways and all of them work just perfect. All you need to do is follow some good platforms to make sure that you never miss a song from your favourite artist. At we find numerous ways on how to listen music online and how to download it free of cost. Sound cloud, YouTube music, google play music, iTunes music are some of the best ways through which you can listen to your favourite songs. Some sources are based on online streaming method and some of the best sources mentioned at allow you to download the content and save it to your hard drive to listen any time without a working internet connection. This method is perfect when you have to travel long distances where internet availability is not guaranteed all the time.

Live streaming vs downloading the content

Live streaming has started a couple of years ago but downloading the music, legally or illegally started several years ago. These both methods are perfect but there are advantages of both to some extent. With live streaming applications, you stay completely up to date with the latest music and these applications and platforms make it possible for you to check pre-installed playlists. This saves much of your time and you need not to do any effort to stay updated with the latest trends in the music. The disadvantage to this method is that you would have to consume your internet data for streaming the songs. This can be overcome through paying a minimal subscription fee. Paying the subscription fee is advised only when the application is legally providing you the music.

On the other hand, downloaded content becomes your property and you need not to waste your internet connection on listening the song again and again. This is the best part of making a flash drive of your own and collecting the music manually but in order to do so, you will have to put some effort to stay updated with the latest things happening in the music industry. This can be particularly difficult if you have interest in different regional music. This will consume a lot of your time.

Legal status of music and copyright law

Legality of music is a big discussion on most of the online forums and no satisfactory answer can be found because due to the availability of so many songs online and that too free of cost has made it difficult to assess whether you are listening to a legal thing or not. However there are some points that are worth noting in this regard, to save yourself from any trouble.

  • Peer to peer music download is prohibited in many countries and that is why you should check the specific law of your country if you are using sites like torrents to get the music
  • When a singer has publicly made available a song, you can use it and enjoy it for personal use but you are never allowed to burn a CD or any other form of media and sell it to make some money because the thing you are selling is someone else’s property and you cannot sell it without his permission.

The best way to save yourself from any trouble is to use online applications mentioned on that have legal licenses to sell the music. Listening and enjoying music from those applications would not cause any trouble for you.