Governor Matt Mead Announces 2014 Election Campaign

March 11, 2014

MARCH 11, 2014
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CHEYENNE- Wyoming Governor Matt Mead today announced his plan to run for a second term in a room of family and friends at Little America Hotel and Resort in Cheyenne.

The campaign website launched on Tuesday and a campaign office in Cheyenne will be opened soon.

“The decision to run has not been made lightly and was made with the blessing and support of Carol and our children, Mary and Pete,” Governor Mead said. “We approach this as a family affair and as a great honor – it’s a labor of love for this state and the people of this state.”

“When I was running the first time four years ago, I had many ideas. I appreciate that you listened to them, that they struck a chord with you and that you elected me. Now, as Governor, I am proud of what I have accomplished. I’m proud to run on my record for a second term.”

Governor Mead emphasized his strong commitment to strengthening the state’s economy by supporting economic diversification and investing in roads, schools, communities and broadband.

He reviewed the numerous accolades that Wyoming has received for its economy and business climate. Among them, Wyoming has been recognized as the #2 emerging data center hub (2012), the #4 best state for its economic outlook (2013), and the #5 state for its fiscal condition (FY 2012).

“Such recognition isn’t for bragging rights – rather, they show how well our state is doing. In Wyoming, we lead from a position of fiscal strength – and that means we have the ability to provide needed services and assistance. I will work during a second term to continue this momentum.”

Governor Mead highlighted his efforts to push for a conservative but innovative budget in both 2011 and 2013. His proposals flat lined the budget, ending the trend of growing government that had existed for many years. In July 2013, budget cuts of over 6 percent went into effect in the executive branch.

Those budgets also invested in Wyoming’s future from supporting data center recruitment efforts to sending millions of dollars in support to local communities, as well as funding for broadband initiatives.

When businesses and new residents are ready for Wyoming, the state needs to be ready for them with good infrastructure and strong communities, he explained. “For these reasons, I have pushed for additional funding for local government in both my budgets. This year I asked for $175 million distributed under the existing formula – the majority for infrastructure projects – and the Legislature agreed.”

Governor Mead also recognized that, “Technology is a great equalizer for our rural state.” That is why he supports efforts to increase access to high-speed internet across Wyoming, including a 700 percent increase in bandwidth that became available to schools last year.

Finding ways to strengthen tourism, agriculture and energy industries, which compose much of the lifeblood of the state’s economy, continues to be critical to the Governor, as well as defending these industries against increased federal regulation.

A big supporter of tourism, Governor Mead said that, “I will continue to promote increased international, as well as domestic travel, to Wyoming during a second term. This includes air support, which is vital for the tourism industry and for businesses and individuals.”

As a long-time rancher, the Governor admitted to being partial to agriculture. “That won’t change, that’s for all my life.”

He proposed increased funding for predator control, which the Legislature approved this year, and supported a strong brucellosis surveillance program. He spearheaded the successful effort to obtain state management over wolves – something that had eluded our grasp for many years. He has also sought funding for bear management and continues to push for delisting of grizzlies.

Knowing that Wyoming is a leader in the energy field, developing an energy strategy has been a major goal since he took office.

“With broad public and industry participation, I am pleased that our state energy strategy was released last May. Right away we started to implement the strategy and that work will continue through my second term.”

“The strategy strikes a balance – the right balance – between energy development and protection of our beautiful outdoors. The strategy is flexible and designed for the long haul, including specific initiatives like baseline data, an energy atlas, and reclamation standards, all of which can be added to, updated, and modified over time.”

With an energy strategy now in place, the Governor discussed the importance of involving the public in the development of a water strategy. “We need to protect Wyoming water – we do not want to lose to others what is rightfully ours. The water strategy, including water projects – big and small and for all uses – will remain a focus in my second term.”

Governor Mead concluded his announcement, thanking everyone for their support. “I ask you to look at the accomplishments of my first term and give me the honor of a second.”

Matt Mead was sworn in as Wyoming’s 32nd Governor on January 3, 2011. Born in Jackson, Wyoming, Governor Mead was raised on the family ranch in Teton County. He has a law degree from the University of Wyoming and a BA degree from Trinity University in San Antonio. The Governor has served as a county and federal prosecutor, practiced in a private firm, and served as United States Attorney for Wyoming from October 2001 to June 2007. After he stepped down as U.S. Attorney, Matt and his wife Carol, the First Lady, returned full time to operating their farming and ranching business in southeast Wyoming. Since taking office, the Governor has put a focus on economic growth, a state energy strategy, consolidation of government services, supporting local government and enhancing infrastructure, and creating additional access to high-speed broadband. Governor Mead continues to travel to communities around the state to hear from residents in the places where they live and work. He maintains an open door policy in his office at the Capitol Building. Representing the interests of the state, the Governor also serves in regional and national leadership roles. He serves on the Council of Governors, the U.S. Homeland Security Advisory Council and the Natural Resources Committee of the National Governors Association. He is also co-chair of the State and Federal Sage Grouse Task Force, which brings together federal officials and representatives of 11 western states for a regional conservation effort. Matt and Carol have been married 22 years. They have two teenaged children, Mary and Pete.



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